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Jesus  - R2:17

Revelation Illustrated

There are about 180 drawings and I have only been able to the first 7 chapters
 published on the website.  The rest will be published as time allows. 
I would be please to show anyone the originals in a private viewing,
just make an appointment.

About the book and the drawings

 Thank you For choosing this page. "Revelation Illustrated" is just that, it is the Book of Revelation - illustrated. I drew these drawings in the fall of 1987 and in the early spring of 1988 shortly after I became a Christian. I had finished college and I still had many questions to be answered about life. I feel that now I have many of the biggest questions answered.

I started by drawing in my spare time. It was not my intent to draw highly developed images; instead, I was concerned about communicating the idea of the imagery that is presented in the Book of Revelation. I choose to draw very quick cartoon pictures. The way I saw it was.  If I spent too much time on the individual drawings they would: 1) lose the original impact of the meaning in each passage, and 2) they would take too long to do and may never get done. 

Some of the images are not for young eyes, and this should be remembered when showing these drawings to children. Although most of the images will not offend certain adults and most children, there are a few drawings that you may want to skip over. Also, though I tried very hard to not add my own opinions in the drawings, there are a few drawings where my personal opinions may have crept through. Rather than re-draw certain pictures that may offend certain people, I choose to leave the drawings as they are in their fresh, spontaneous nature. The drawings were also drawn in two different sessions. The first session is from chapter one to the end of chapter nine; this took a couple of months. I then took a break for about a month or two because the images were starting to scare me. I could see how they were relating to the present day world. The next session is from chapter ten to the end of the book and was completed in about two weeks. It took about twenty minutes to draw each of the drawings in the entire series. 

If you are able, I suggest that look at all the drawings and read the whole book in one sitting. This can take several hours, but the impact will be dynamic. 

One of the main points to keep in mind when reading the book of Revelation is to understand that the writing style was figurative. The author, the apostle John, was writing about strange and wonderful things he had seen when he was carried into heaven by the Spirit. Often writers would use figurative language, or write using metaphors to explain complicated issues. The end of this Age of Corruption and the beginning of the next Age of Eternal Life and Holiness is definitely a complicated issue. 

Another point to consider is that this is a two fold prophetic book written to people living in two different time periods. It was first written to comfort the Christians living during the time of Nero. The Jews and Christians alike were badly oppressed by the Romans. Vespasian had already killed so many Jews that the Sea of Galilee looked like sea of floating dead bodies. After he was called back to Rome to become Emperor, his son Titus destroyed Jerusalem, burned the Temple and carried away its holy items used for worship. They experienced terrible oppression. Second, the book was written to both comfort the Christians of our day and to be a warning to those who don't know Christ Jesus as their personal Savior. 

One of the reasons it seem apparent that the return of Jesus is eminent is, for the first time since the Roman Empire it is possible for a single government to take control of the entire planet. The organization is called the WCPA, World Constitutional Parliamentary Association. They have divided the globe into 10 economic regions and it is curious that one of the regions is the EEC - European Economic Community, and another is NAFTA. I could elaborate further but that is not the purpose of this site; the purpose is to encourage people to read the Holy Word of God and prepare themselves because the great and terrible day is approaching. . 

What I learned from drawing this series can be summarized easily. Yes, there are bad things going on in the world; yes, things are going to get much worse; yes there are going to be a lot of people going to Hell and that is unfortunate, but it does not have to be that way for you. Through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ your spirit can be saved, and you will be able to enter Heaven and spend eternity praising the Creator of everything. Continue to live for self and reject the Holy One, Jesus Christ, and you will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. Sorry, but there is no grey scale in the Kingdom of God, only black or white; your either for Jesus or against Him. You are either saved and living for Jesus, or you are lost and living for your self - doomed for eternity. Jesus offers forgiveness of Sins freely. Simply ask Jesus to forgive your sins and begin living your life for Him, and you will be saved. If you decide to accept Jesus as your Savior, please link up with a good, full gospel, Bible preaching, loving church so that they can help you in your new walk with Jesus. One of the things I found out about Jesus is that He doesn't care what church your go to, just that you love Him, follow Him, become part of His body -- the church.

I hope and pray that you are richly blessed by this ministry.
If you feel moved to support this ministry,
feel free to contact me by
Thank you, and God Bless.

Table of Contents
  Chapter One 
  Chapter Two 
  Chapter Three
  Chapter Four
  Chapter Five 
  Chapter Six
  Chapter Seven 
  Chapter Eight
  Chapter Nine 
  Chapter Ten 
  Chapter Eleven 
  Chapter Twelve 
  Chapter Thirteen
  Chapter Fourteen 
  Chapter Fifteen
  Chapter Sixteen 
  Chapter Seventeen
  Chapter Eighteen
  Chapter Nineteen 
  Chapter Twenty
  Chapter Twenty One
  Chapter Twenty Two

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