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Everyone Must Make This Choice

These two self portraits are representations of the only two possible eternal consequences that we all face. One represents Love and Life which comes only from the Mercy of God. The other represents Death, the death of the Spirit and eternal separation from God.

The Standing Figure:
When we follow Christ, we
begin to take on His
characteristics and His
likeness. Since God is Love,
we must also love. To Love
is to give, to help, to serve,
to nourish without
giving the receiver an invoice.
When we truly love,
we are refreshed and satisfied.
If we follow Jesus
we will live eternally,
our actions always being
an act of worship to the One
who created everything.


The Seated Figure:
When we follow ourselves,
everything we do is done through
a filter of competitive greed.
Instead of giving, we take from,
ignore, hinder, harm, even kill others
to satisfy our selfish ambition.
When we ambitiously seek
to gratify only self, we acquire things
but are left empty
and our heart burns to be satisfied
and is not.
If we live this life only for self,
our eternal destination is
the Lake Of Fire,
eternal separation from
the life and love of God.

We all deserve death, but God and His mercy has offered us Life. This is true Love. He gives us the choice freely. Jesus tasted Hell for us so that we would not have to. Accept the sacrifice and forgiveness of His son Jesus and follow His ways and live. Reject the forgiveness that comes only from Jesus and die. No other created thing has been given a choice, they all follow God plan. We all struggle. I do. We all must daily choose and reap the rewards of our choices; our hearts either burn or glow with refreshment.


Here I am explaining the sculpture before I light it.

Pouring oil on the logs to start the fire.

Emerging from the flames

Ash and Flame


The Artist, Kevin P. O'Hara
can be reached for questions at .









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