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Custom made Pottery to your specifications.

To order On-Line, just choose a glaze, shape and size
you would like and I will create them for you.
I still prefer the human touch so,
you'll need to either give me a call or send me an email
to figure out specifics.

Pottery designs are not limited to the examples below,
we can design something together to suit your own desire and taste.
Please allow 5 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Payment policy:

50% down and 50% upon completion,
(for orders that are shipped) I will need to hold your Credit Card information
to cover shipping cost upon completion.
Sales tax is included in the price.

Glaze Choices
Lite Blue
Cranberry inside & Woos Blue Brown outside
Bea Plum with Nickel Matt on the rim
Emily's purple
Kevin Green
Nickel Matt
Woos Blue Brown
Yellow Ash
Orange Peel
Black Smith
The World
Basic Functional Shapes
6" Soup Bowl $23
8" rice bowl $29
9" rice bowl $39
Small mug $17
Large mug $20
10" pie dish $49
10" plate $30
10" mixing bowl $49
18" Platter $100